Rural Fire Brigade Services

Three Rural Fire Brigades operate in the Boyne Valley. Boynedale, Boyne Valley, and Many Peaks are manned by volunteers to provide a response to unmanaged fires. Boyne Valley and Many Peaks Brigades maintain two well equiped tenders. Fire Wardens in each area issue permits for the responsible use of fire.

Fire Wardens and Officers

Many Peaks Personel: 1st Officer and Fire Warden; Frank McKee 07-49741249 (all hours) 2nd Officer; John Austin. 07-49741188 (work) 3rd Officer; Randall Hopf. 07-49741186 (all hours) 4th Officer; Paul Pownall; 07-49741166 (work) 07-49741153 (home)
Boyne Valley Personal: Fire Warden; N Mossman 07-49741293. 1st Officer; C Doblo 07-49741358. 2nd Officer; N Mossman 07-49741293. 3rd Officer; J Fleming 07-49741219. 4th Officer; R Hopson 07-49741145. 5th Officer; L Blows; 07-49741220.

Boynedale Personal: Fire Warden; Contact Firecom 1800670476. Secretary; P. Collier; 0407113483

Rural Fire Service Website

If you have a fire ring: 000




Country Music Campout

The Boyne Valley Country Music Campout has made donations to the Brigades after its event in November each year. Many thanks to them. The money is put to good use.

CQ Charity Car Club

The CQ Charity Car Club recently donated $580 each  to the Boyne Valley and Many Peaks Brigades, following a top weekend of touring the Boyne Valley. The Club headquartered at the Discovery Centre for the weekend.

Intrepid cyclists

Jill Hopson & Helen Mossman recently raised $1419.05 for the BV Brigade by cycling from Ubobo to Calliope. Read their story here.