If you enjoy wildlife, a drive to Kroombit Tops then on to the Boyne Valley provides a wonderful assortment of animal species to view.  With at least 62 species of birds, 19 species of mammals, 10 species of amphibians and  9 species of reptiles, the wildlife enthusiast or  the amateur photographer can certainly achieve a memorable day trip or an extended holiday visit.

Colours abound in the Rainbow Lorikeets, Pale-Headed Rosellas and Galahs that routinely call the Boyne Valley home.  If you’re into starker shades, the blacks and whites of the Australian Magpies, Pied Currawongs or White-Winged Choughs will add to your enjoyment.  More into the audio side of things? Then have a listen to the excitement of the Laughing Kookaburras, the melodic fluting of the Pied Butcher Birds, the squawk of the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos or the chattering monologues of the Friarbirds.  And for majesty and grace, nothing compares to seeing the Wedge-Tail Eagles in flight or the Black Swans gliding in the lagoon.

If you’re more interested in fur than feathers, there’s a good chance you’ll spy a grazing Whiptail Wallaby watching you drive by or an Eastern Grey Kangaroo bounding across a paddock. Flying Foxes and Bats complete the mammal picture as they nightly forage for food.

All in all the Boyne Valley offers a memorable experience of wildlife for anyone interested in seeing it close at hand.  The following tables say it all.

Scientific NameCommon NameScientific NameCommon Name
Alectura lathamiAustralian Brush TurkeyHaliastur sphenurusWhistling Kite
Anas superciliosaPacific Black DuckHieraaetus morphnoidesLittle Eagle
Aquila audaxWedge-Tailed EagleLichmera indistinctaBrown Honeyeater
Ardea albaGreat EgretMalurus melanocephalus Red-Backed Fairy-Wren
Ardea ibisCattle EgretManorina melanocephalaNoisy Miner
Artamus leucorynchusWhite-Breasted WoodswallowMegalurus gramineusLittle Grassbird
Ardeotis australsAustralian BustardMegalurus timoriensisTawny Grassbird
Cacatua galeritaSulphur-Crested CockatooMeliphaga lewiniiLewins Honeyeater
Cacatua roseicapillaGalahMerops ornatusRainbow Bee-Eater
Calyptorynchus magnificusRed-Tailed CockatooNinox novaeseelandieaSouthern Boobook
Caprimulgus sp.NightjarPachycephala rufiventrisRufous Whistler
Cenropus phasianinusPheasant CoucalPardolatus striatusStriated Pardolat
Chenonetta jubataAustralian Wood DuckPelecanus conspicillatusAustralian Pelican
Coracina novaehollandiaeBlack-Faced Cuckoo ShrikePhalacrocorax carboGreat Cormorant
Corcorax melanorhamphosWhite-Winged ChoughPhalacrocorax melanoleucosLittle Pied Cormorant
Corvus orruTorresian CrowPhilemon citreogularisLittle Friarbird
Cracticus nigrogularisPied ButcherbirdPhilemon corniculatusNoisy Friarbird
Cygnus atratusBlack SwanPlatycercus adscitusPale-Headed Rosella
Dacelo novaeguineaeLaughing KookaburraPodargus strigoidesTawny Frogmouth
Daphoenositta chrysopteraVaried SitellaPorphyrio porphyrioSwamphen
Egretta novaehollandiaeWhite-Faced HeronRhipidura  fuliginosaGrey Fantail
Entomyzon cyanotisBlue-Faced HoneyeaterRhipidura leucophyrisWillie Wagtail
Falco berigoraBrown FalconSmicronis brevirostrisWeebill
Falco longipennisAustralian HobbySpecotheres viridisFigbird
Geopelia humeralisBar-Shouldered DoveStrepera graculinaPied Currawong
Geopelia striataPeaceful DoveThreskiornis spinicollisStraw-necked Ibis
Glossopsita pusillaLittle LorikeetTrichoglossus chlorolepidotusScaly-Breasted Lorikeet
Grallina cyanoleucaMagpie LarkTrichoglossus haematodusRainbow Lorikeet
Grus rubicundusBrolgaTyto albaBarn Owl
Gymnorhina tibicenAustralian MagpieVanellus miles Masked Lapwing


Scientific Name Common Name
Aepyprymnus rufescensRufous Bettong
Canis lupus dingoDingo
Chalinolobus gouldiiGould’s Wattled Bat
Chalinolobus nigrogriseusHoary Wattled Bat
Felis catusHouse Cat
Isoodon macrourusNorthern Brown Bandicoot
Macropus dorsalisBlack-Striped Wallaby
Macropus giganteusEastern Grey Kangaroo
Macropus rufogriseusRed-Necked Wallaby
Macropus parryiWhiptail Wallaby
Myotis adversusLarge-Footed Myotis
Orychtolagus cuniculusRabbit
Tadarida australisWhite-Striped Freetail Bat
Petaurus australisYellow-Bellied Glider
Pteropus poliocephalusGrey-Headed Flying-ox
Tachyglossus aculeatusShort-Beaked Echidna
Thylogale sp.Pademelon
Trichosurus vulpeculaCommon Brushtail Possum
Vulpes vulpesFox


Scientific NameCommon NameScientific NameCommon Name
Bufo marinusCane ToadCarlia pectoralisRainbow Skink
Limnodynastes peroniiBrown Striped FrogCryptoblepharus virgatusWall Skink
Limnodynastes tasmaniensisSpotted Grass FrogCtenotus taeniolatusCoppertail Skink
Limnodynastes terraeregineBanjo FrogDendrelaphis punculataCommon Tree Snake
Litoria caeruleaGreen Tree FrogMorelia spilotaCarpet Python
Litoria fallaxEastern Dwarf Tree FrogPgona barbataBearded Dragon
Litoria inermisFloodplain FrogPseudonaja textilisEastern Brown Snake
Litoria latopalmataBroad-Palmed FrogPhysignathus lesueuriiEastern Water Dragon
Litoria lesueuriStony Creek FrogVaranus varius Goanna
Littoria rubellaDesert Tree Frog